Data Collection and Delivery

Platform Overview

The Data Collection and Delivery Platform helps turn data into decisions. Our broad capabilities in data development, management, analysis, and visualization help scientists and engineers realize more from their research.

Research Programs

Driving better decision making through effective use of data and information.

Developing customized software applications that allow our partners to efficiently understand data, share information, and make better decisions.

Featured Research Projects

A website of the state's carnivore species -- from the tiny least weasel to the black bear.

Helping decision-makers prioritize where to restore and protect wetlands in Minnesota.

A risk-based classification and map of watersheds contributing anthropogenic stress to Great Lakes coastal ecosystems.

Recent News

GIS skills and biology background come together in data delivery role for Kristi Nixon.

NRRI Scientist Will Bartsch delivers easy-access, data-driven information for good resource decision-making.

State funds development of a GIS tool that puts 400 layers of information at finger tips for better planning, management

Scientists love their data. But tracking and sorting the ever-increasing amounts of data can be a time consuming effort. Enter the data wrangler.