Annual Report

A Year of Change, Focus and Growth

Rolf Weberg, Executive Director, NRRI

Staff photo of Rolf Weberg

Dear Friends of NRRI,

NRRI is moving forward with a sense of purpose and a focus on delivering impactful solutions for all Minnesotans. This is certainly clear as we reflect on the highlights of the past fiscal year.

It is an exciting time to be part of the NRRI team. Internally, we have invested in hiring new colleagues to add to our considerable skill sets, installed differentiating, high-tech analytical instrumentation, improved safety performance, and even upgraded facilities where possible. 

As you read this report, you will see NRRI’s work is described via three strategic initiatives – sustained, long-term and interrelated efforts. Note that each is associated with several United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals - the language for sustainable decision-making around the world.

Our research is focused on the global question – how do we adapt to continue life as we know it on this planet, while creating opportunity and reducing risk? In the face of climate change, geopolitics, economies and conflict, this question is daunting. In answer, NRRI continues to drive its mission of delivering integrated research solutions, with a focus on framing frame our research programs by listening, learning and defining gaps in knowledge, technology, or commercial opportunity. 

Externally, NRRI has expanded its research relationships with regional, national, and global partners to execute the interdisciplinary projects you will see reflected in this report. In concert with these efforts, the Institute has worked hard to develop our client and collaborator engagement practices which has resulted in a growing list of industry research and commercialization opportunities.

On the global front, NRRI is supporting the Minnesota Governor’s economic development agreement with Finland by developing several projects with Finnish agencies associated with our common natural resource challenges. These programs augment other research efforts already underway with colleagues in Canada and Germany.

NRRI continues to strive to be the best research organization we can be. This starts with a daily commitment to safety first, the pursuit of the highest quality, a hunger for innovation, and a shared responsibility to create and maintain a vibrant working environment where everyone is encouraged to engage and feels invited to contribute. To help in this organizational journey, NRRI has initiated an employee Diversity/Equity/Inclusion advisory committee and other teams to assist leadership in making sound, inclusive decisions. 

NRRI looks forward to developing productive relationships with emerging industries and entrepreneurs, tribal governments, social and governmental leaders, agencies and the public to identify new opportunities that benefit all.

I couldn’t be more proud of the team here at NRRI – a great group of people. They are committed to our work to deliver true impacts to Minnesota. We invite you to share your feedback and ideas as we continue to focus on our collective future.

Thank you for your support,

Hand written signature Rolf