Annual Report

Letter from the Executive Director

Rolf Weberg, Executive Director, NRRI

Staff photo of Rolf Weberg

Dear Friends of NRRI,

2023 has been another exciting and defining year for the Institute. Simply put, NRRI is growing in size, capacity and influence across the state, region and nation. Our staff continually take it to the next level in our research programs and in delivering results that bring impact to our stakeholders, partners and customers. Our strategic plan and our strong advisory board continue to guide our focus and delivery. These exciting developments are reflected in our new logo, which represents our University System-wide stance, partnerships and impacts.

Strategic investment in our people, capability and capacity has been a key focus this year. We have attracted lead research scientists and engineers to introduce new skills and approaches to our work. In tandem, we have recruited excellent junior researchers to efficiently manage day-to-day research activities. We continue to invest in unique, cutting edge instrumentation to differentiate our capabilities and contributions. The Institute Operations Team has doubled down on providing the support and facilities for our research staff to excel. Finally, and most importantly, we are investing in the development of our people and the organization to carry Team NRRI forward.

Externally, NRRI has increased efforts in partnership development, initiating and building relationships with state and federal agency partners, national laboratories, industry, citizen groups, tribal leaders and entrepreneurs. These relationships are paying off in new research opportunities with regional impacts. Whether we are developing new methods to collect environmental data, introducing new decision tools, piloting new technologies or initiating public/private partnerships, NRRI is working hard to fulfill our mission.

I invite you to look through this report and experience a piece of NRRI. On behalf of the whole team, thank you for your support. We value your feedback and look forward to working with all of you to discover our economy of the future.

Thank you for your support,

Hand written signature Rolf