Morning fog over a Northern Minnesota lake.

NRRI is preparing Minnesota for the economy of the future by working to define the state’s challenges, engaging broadly with collaborators and delivering innovative research solutions to real-world challenges.

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Mission driven. Project Focused.

NRRI is a University of Minnesota applied research organization established by the Minnesota legislature in 1983 to provide tools and information for resource management. NRRI’s mission is to deliver integrated research solutions that value our resources, environment and economy for a sustainable and resilient future.

Focused on the Future 

NRRI delivers science-based, data-driven tools and understanding for informed decision making. Our goal is to develop a strong natural resources-based economy AND a healthy environment to ensure sustainable communities for future generations. Strengthening the balance between environmental concerns and industry needs is at the heart of NRRI. 

Your charitable contribution to the NRRI Fund at the University of Minnesota Foundation helps us deliver today and make a difference tomorrow. Thank you.