Student Opportunities at NRRI

Students bring fresh ideas, innovative approaches and continual enthusiasm to NRRI. From seasonal field researchers to lab engineers, technicians or assistant researchers - NRRI provides students with hands-on, applied research opportunities for undergraduate, graduate students and post-doc associates.

How to Apply

If you're a student seeking an internship or employment with an NRRI research lab, please send your CV and a letter of interest to NRRI Human Resources, Jane Dzuck at

Student Research Opportunities at UMD

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UMD Student Tyler Untiedt studying wetland microbiology

UMD Student Maria Berkeland studying Wood Turtles

NRRI Student News

Intern project gives data the GIS treatment for easy access to pine estimates and logging harvest activities

NRRI geologist shares his expertise and passion for the ancient geology of northern Minnesota across the UMN system

For three UMD undergrads, classroom learning comes alive doing NRRI field and lab work.