Strategic Initiatives

Innovations today. Solutions tomorrow. NRRI’s research agenda targets the following three major initiatives. These focal points of our integrated research programs will deliver real impacts for Minnesota and the region.


Sample Research Projects

Demonstration of a Thermally Modified Eastern Larch Boardwalk to Catalyze New Markets for Low-value Timber.

A website of the state's carnivore species -- from the tiny least weasel to the black bear.

A risk-based classification and map of watersheds contributing anthropogenic stress to Great Lakes coastal ecosystems.

The Minnesota Breeding Bird Atlas documents the distribution of every breeding bird species in Minnesota and provides a solid foundation for future conservation efforts.

Featured News

Have you always wanted your own Duluth Lift Bridge, complete with a replica ore boat? Of course you have! And NRRI can make your dream come true.

Businesses large and small reduce risk with NRRI minerals R&D

‘Green chemist’ travels from Ukraine to U.S. to solve complex environmental problems in Minnesota.

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