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Innovations today. Solutions tomorrow. NRRI’s research agenda targets the following three major initiatives. These focal points of our integrated research programs will deliver real impacts for Minnesota and the region.



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NRRI collaborates as part of the University of Minnesota research enterprise and works with regional, national and global partners to accelerate good ideas towards implementation and commercialization. We address critical initiatives through five integrated Research Platforms. Together, we discover the economy of the future. Find out how. 

NRRI Research Platforms


Sample Research Projects

The Minnesota Breeding Bird Atlas documents the distribution of every breeding bird species in Minnesota and provides a solid foundation for future conservation efforts.

Documenting long-term population trends of breeding forest birds in the Chippewa and Superior National Forests.

Helping decision-makers prioritize where to restore and protect wetlands in Minnesota.

A website of the state's carnivore species -- from the tiny least weasel to the black bear.

Featured News

Ron Moen's long wildlife career has taken him on a 26-year walk on the wild side.

NRRI report on Ecosystem Services applies a monetary value to School Trust Lands ability to store carbon and improve environmental health.

NRRI Sustainability Coordinator, Tiffany Sprague, shares tips for using sidewalk salt to be safe and keep excess salt out of the environment.

Climate change is changing the species that inhabit Northern forests. NRRI scientists are starting a study to document the expanded range of the Southern flying squirrel.

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