Bioenergy Products

Program Overview

The bioenergy and bioproducts advances the low carbon economy by developing methods to pretreat biomass for efficient conversion into thermal energy, syngas, hydrogen, and reluctants. We develop formulations to assist the wood pellet industry with heating and grilling pellets, as well as enhanced pellets with improved durability and water resistance to reduce losses during processing, transport, and storage. More advanced bio-carbon products can be substituted 1:1 for thermal and metallurgical coals for heavy industry such as energy and steel production. We have also demonstrated pretreatment methods to improve the production of clean, renewable syngas for advanced fuels such as hydrogen, renewable jet fuel, and renewable diesel, as well as for low-carbon steel and advanced fermentation methods. 

Program Goals

  1. Develop improved pretreatment conditions for regional biomass sources
  2. Demonstrate process technologies at commercially-relevant scales
  3. Develop new agglomeration processes using unique binders and materials to improve energy content, durability, and water resistance of solid biofuels
  4. Assist industry clients with custom product formulations for specific applications

Recent Projects

  1. Clean syngas production from Minnesota biomass (LCCMR Funded with University of North Dakota EERC partners)
  2. Birch wood pellet manufacturing (Biopower Sustainable Energy, Ontario, Canada)



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Materials and Bioeconomy Research Group Leader
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Biomass Process Engineer
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Research Staff Engineer, Biomass Specialist

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