Matt Young

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Professional Title
Research Staff Engineer, Biomass Specialist

Matt Young is a biomass research engineer. Matt and his fellow researchers investigate novel ways to use underutilized biomass. Research covers arenas such as biofuels and fertilizers and an assortment of other industries where converted biomass has a place. Daily tasks involve biomass characterization, an array of thermal/chemical treatments, and densification work. One of the things that makes their research unique is their ability to transition work from lab scale to pilot scale. This allows projects to validate findings at both the gram and kilogram scale with direct application to clients. Lab and pilot scale facilities are flexible and can thermally treat an assortment of biomass types and densify to the desired shape with pellet mills, extruders, briquetters, etc. Not only are products tested to meet client specifications, but equipment circuits, process efficiencies and production rates, etc. are evaluated so that there is a direct link between research and industry.


  • B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Minnesota Duluth, 2011-2015

Recent Studies

  • Torrefied wood as a fuel substitute
  • Biochar production from various biomass sources
  • Fertilizer/innoculant research with carbonized materials
  • Gasification with pre-treated biomass