Materials and Bioeconomy

Platform Overview

The Materials and Bioeconomy Platform seeks to develop new ideas, materials and products to utilize our forest resources and organic waste streams.

Discovering higher value opportunities in Minnesota’s forest and waste stream resources keeps money in the state and promotes efficient use of resources. This research supports the state’s foundational forest products industry with innovation and new product development.

Research Programs

To advance the economic return from Minnesota's forest harvest by developing value-added products. 

Advancing the low carbon economy by developing methods to convert biomass into energy resources.

To research, develop and commercialize potentially useful natural products

Sustainable building materials development, reuse and testing.

Working to establish a diverse and sustainable industry for Minnesota that serves multiple markets for biochar and bio-carbon materials.

Featured Research Projects

Demonstration of a Thermally Modified Eastern Larch Boardwalk to Catalyze New Markets for Low-value Timber.

Recent News

Two decades of researching all things wood provides variety for materials scientist

NRRI demonstration project transforms wildfire fuel into carbon-sequestering, soil-enhancing biocarbon material

NRRI expands waste diversion efforts into comprehensive program, continues expanded partnership with Better Futures Minnesota.

Sustainable Water Infrastructure Group (SWIG) partners with NRRI to innovate for water quality

Where is everybody? The labs can get quiet at NRRI during the summer.

NRRI tests durability of thermally modified balsam fir and Eastern hemlock to expand market opportunities.