Minnesota National Forest Breeding Bird Monitoring Program

  • Document long-term population trends of breeding forest birds in the Chippewa and Superior National Forests.
  • Use the data that has been collected every year from 1995 to the present to inform the development of forest management guidelines.
  • Data is collected by conducting bird surveys in the Chippewa and Superior National Forests every summer in June.
  • Access the most up to date report

Funding: USDA Forest Service: Chippewa and Superior National Forests

Flying black bird with white wing bars, long beak and red crest on head
Pileated Woodpecker © Steve Kolbe
Dorsal view of flying bird with predominately white breast, black head, and red neck patch
Rose-breasted Grosbeak © Steve Kolbe
Close up of large grey owl flying
Great Gray Owl © Steve Kolbe
Bird with bright orange breast and black head
Baltimore Oriole © Steve Kolbe
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