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Industry Support Overview

Located near Minnesota’s mineral resources, our expertise places us at the forefront of the industry. NRRI’s staff expertise and testing capabilities in mineral characterization, mineral processing and metallurgy are recognized by clients in Minnesota, regionally and internationally.  Our experienced team is ready to discuss your project needs and guide you through scoping and contracting in a manner that best serves your needs.

In a world of globalization, technology advancement, increasing regulation and fluctuating markets, the mining industry faces complex challenges that require innovation and continuous improvements.  To help you meet these challenges, NRRI possesses bench to pilot-scale testing capabilities to improve your speed to market and reduce risk. Our experts can help you make the most of market developments and advances in technology, enabling you to maximize opportunities.

To meet the challenges of industry, NRRI is constantly modernizing and expanding its service offerings to meet client’s needs.  NRRI enjoys collaborating with other labs to deliver scopes of work for clients when necessary to meet project requirements.

Delivering competitive advantage for you, our unique value propositions include:

  • Expertise: NRRI has engineers, scientists and technicians that are subject matter experts with considerable industry experience to develop and execute scopes of work that deliver timely, accurate and reliable results.
  • Operations, engineering, and maintenance: NRRI has staff to support project engineering, equipment specification / modification, fabrication, assembly and test program execution from laboratory to pilot demonstration scale.
  • Lab Bench to Pilot Scale Capabilities: NRRI scale-up capabilities de-risk development for clients and control costs.
  • Collaboration: NRRI’s team is skilled at collaborating with industry, academia, consulting companies, other laboratories, equipment suppliers and other stakeholders to develop and deliver scopes of work.
  • Project Management Excellence: proposals are turned into project control plans that provide clear expectations to the team for disciplined project execution.
  • “Stage gate” Project Management: milestone data reporting and meetings with clients for project control and optimization.
  • On-Site Analytical Lab: Unbiased, accurate and repeatable testing using ASTM and ISO procedures for quick data turnaround.
  • Infrastructure: Buildings with open floor space and utilities required for the operation of pilot mineral processing flowsheets.




Pat Casey headshot
Lab Supervisor
Jeff Kinkel headshot
Project Engineer
Paul Mack headshot
Project Engineer - Renewable Energy
Julie Mutchler headshot
Chemical Laboratory Supervisor
Shashi Rao headshot
Metallurgical Engineer
Head and shoulders photo of a man
Metallurgical Engineer
Profile Sunil Tripathy
Senior Research Scientist

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