Business Development

Program Overview

Guiding industry and UMN researchers through successful commercial partnerships.

NRRI takes its role in economic development seriously, striving to provide applied research at the speed of business,” said Rolf Weberg, NRRI Executive Director. “It’s a unique role within the university system which is why we operate in more of an industry framework. Our goal is to meet the business world where they are.”

What We Do

Help manage the client/researcher relationship every step of the way by:

  • Helping prioritize and facilitate new opportunities
  • Coordinating and facilitating client/researcher meetings
  • Coordinating contracts and other legal documents
  • Setting ground rules for confidentiality and intellectual property
  • Maintaining accurate and timely opportunity information in customer relationship management software
  • Improving communications between the client and researcher
  • Keeping relationship and pre-award tasks on schedule

Who We Help

  • NRRI Clients
  • NRRI Researchers
  • NRRI Partners

How We Do It

  • Customer relationship management software
  • Clear email and meeting communications with clear action items and next steps
  • Coordinating communication and strategy discussions internally

Where Are We Located

  • NRRI Duluth and Coleraine facilities

Our Resources

  • Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)
  • Sponsored research agreements (SRAs) 
  • Service agreements 
  • Material transfer agreements (MTAs)
  • Project scoping documents and proposals


Kevin Kangas headshot
Coleraine Site Director, Business Development
Tim White headshot
Director of Partnership Development
Profile Jill Crawford-Nichols
Technology Development Manager
Jeff Jackson headshot
Business Development Manager

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