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Articles from the marketing and communications staff at NRRI. 

We dug back into the archives to find NRRI's original crayfish research and the start of The Crayfish Lab at NRRI Duluth.

NRRI tests techniques to clean boat interiors to stop spread of invasives.

Invasive ‘rusties’ add another challenge to growing Minnesota wild rice.

Expanding the reach and potential of NRRI’s fast-growing hybrid poplar trees.

Biochar catalyzes first year chemistry learning experience at UMD.

NRRI tests waste rock as a safe and readily available high friction road aggregate.

Post-doc explores treatment techniques for PFAS in food waste to remove roadblocks to energy production.

Efforts to improve neighborhood climate resilience goes hyper-local, while providing community outreach guidance.

DEED funding helps entrepreneur launch unique online sales platform for NRRI fast-growing hybrid tree.

Pilot-scale, vertical mill from Switzerland is ‘game-changer’ for industry decarbonization efforts.