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From its formation in the early 1980s to today, NRRI has collaborated across the institute, the University and the globe to contribute to Great Lakes understanding.

Introducing a new monthly series by NRRI’s Tiffany Sprague, Sustainability Program Coordinator.

State funds development of a GIS tool that puts 400 layers of information at finger tips for better planning, management

Shared goals of a bioeconomy for Minnesota drives relationship between Advisory Board member and NRRI.

NRRI ornithologist helps forest managers help wildlife with research and conservation.

NRRI receives $2.33M from the EPA to support research teams that monitor shorelines from Thunder Bay to Green Bay.

Industry partner gets NRRI assistance to add value and improve byproduct for more efficient use.

Large numbers of tiny things can be a big problem. Applied Limnologist Chris Filstrup digs into the data of harmful algae blooms.

Serving 10 years on NRRI's Advisory Board has given this former industry executive a front row seat to the institute's restructuring and future focus.

Drill core are rock samples pulled from the ground to study mineral deposits. NRRI's quick action saved important core from the dump.