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Articles from the marketing and communications staff at NRRI. 

NRRI is developing protocols to understand the effectiveness of peatland restoration efforts, while testing and refining monitoring methods that can be applied to other sites.

Sulfate in Minnesota water bodies is a statewide problem. NRRI researchers are developing three different solutions for a variety of applications.

Chemists patent novel binder material from waste resources for a variety of applications.

NRRI's own Sustainability Guru, Tiffany Sprague, shares tips for fall yard maintenance that preserves habitat for wildlife and protect streams.

Collecting the eDNA of invasive species informs prevalence and spread in Northern Minnesota lakes

NRRI helps Prairie River Minerals, a new start-up on the Iron Range, test their innovative iron ore separation process on Mesabi ores.

Engineer Kory Jenkins steps out of his comfort zone to innovate and collaborate.

Tiff's Tips for Eco-living #3: It's time to leave the house! How to pack your backpack for back-to-school or office.

Despite all the uncertainties as we entered 2021, NRRI continues to push forward in fulfilling our mission to Minnesota and the region.

The intermittent nature of solar and wind energy options means large-scale energy storage is necessary. A new NRRI report outlines Minnesota's potential opportunities.