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Articles from the marketing and communications staff at NRRI. 

Triennial 700-page document provides regular updates about changes and impacts to the lakes’ ecosystems.

NRRI Sustainability Coordinator Tiffany Sprague shares some new tips about how to pack for your day away from home (recipes, too!) to help us live out our best sustainable lives. 

NRRI geologist shares his expertise and passion for the ancient geology of northern Minnesota across the UMN system

Economic Geologist Joyashish Thakurta recently joined the NRRI team to contribute expertise in minerals mapping and characterization for sustainable planning.

Businesses large and small reduce risk with NRRI minerals R&D.

NRRI’s ForCAST modeling tool helps resource managers plan for environmental changes and impacts to wildlife and industries.

‘Green chemist’ travels from Ukraine to U.S. to solve complex environmental problems in Minnesota.

Industrial safety programs often focus on counting up safety incidents, hoping the numbers go down instead of up.

Where is everybody? The labs can get quiet at NRRI during the summer.

After graduating from the Colorado School of Mines, Sara Post brings environmental consulting expertise to varied projects at NRRI