Elena Ceballos M.S.

Professional Title
Aquatic Scientist


Elena processes and analyzes water samples in the Central Analytical Laboratory

Before coming to NRRI she worked in long-term monitoring of the hypereutrophic Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon, freshwater selenium bioremediation using microalgae, mid-scale marine microalgae-to-biofuel research, native oyster restoration research in the San Francisco Bay, salinity x drought tolerance of wine grape rootstocks, and analyzing samples in several wastewater laboratories. 

Her lifelong love of learning lead her to study studio art, meteorology, language education, biology, chemistry and programming. Her long-term interests include marine, estuarine and freshwater invertebrates and biogeochemistry, as well as programming in SQL, Python and R.


  • M.S. Biogeochemistry / Limnology, University of Georgia, Athens, GA
  • Post Baccalaureate Study in Biology & Chemistry, CalPoly Humboldt (formerly Humboldt State University), Arcata, CA
  • B.A. Studio Art & Physical Geography (Meteorology)


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