Public invited Sept. 16 to learn about integrated research aimed at today’s challenges

NRRI researchers find that size of fire matters less than intensity of the blaze.

NRRI research underway to understand availability of flying insects impact to bird populations.

Strategic Initiatives

To meet our mission of delivering integrated research solutions, NRRI is focused on three strategic initiatives that address the challenges of Minnesota’s resource-based economy. These initiatives are bold and long-term efforts to create the economy of the future by incorporating diverse expertise across NRRI, the University system and with our partners.

Delivery and Impact

Sample Research Projects

A website of the state's carnivore species -- from the tiny least weasel to the black bear.

Documenting long-term population trends of breeding forest birds in the Chippewa and Superior National Forests.

Online mapping tools and data for natural resource planning, management, and research in Minnesota.

A risk-based classification and map of watersheds contributing anthropogenic stress to Great Lakes coastal ecosystems.

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