Scanning Electron Microscopy

SEM Microscope Closeup

Lab Equipment

Scanning Electron Microscope with two lab technicians looking at monitor.

Hitachi 3030 Plus Tabletop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with Coolstage

This tabletop version is user-friendly with an intuitive software interface.  It's a scanning electron microscope designed for any level of expertise. It has a wide range of applications for biological, environmental, and geological samples. Magnification: 30 - 60,000x. The low-vacuum conditions allow for a quick sample exchange to save you time. 

For more information see the Hitachi brochure here

Microscope Accessories

Deben Coolstage sample processor for microscope

Deben Ultra Coolstage
The Deben Ultra Coolstage works to minimize or eliminate water sublimation from wet samples by controlling the temperature of the chamber. Temperature control ranges from -25°C to +50°C making it ideal for sample with moisture such as biological samples. Additional sample preparation with liquid nitrogen and equipment manipulation are required.

Brunker software interface for microscope

Brunker Quantax 70 EDS 
If a more in-depth analysis of your sample is needed the Bruker Quantax 70 EDS is optimized for quantitative chemical composition analysis, elemental mapping and spectral imaging capabilities. This can be completed in three different modes; spot, line profile and mapping. Results can be easily exported for publication.

3D view software for microscope

3D View Software 
The 3D View software utilizes the BSE signal to create a three dimensional display. This enables height measurement capabilities and the creation of animated video files (AVI). 

Services and Rates

Service Item Internal UMN Rate External Rate
Imaging (+ EDS + 3D) Customer/Self Capture: $25.91/hr $180/hr
  Technician Capture: $56.78/hr  
  Training Session: $56.78/hr  

- -

Service Item Internal UMN Rate External Rate
Imaging with Coolstage Customer/Self Capture: $56.53 $195/hr
  Technician Capture: $87.40/hr  

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