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University legislative funding request includes $10M to enhance research infrastructure at NRRI Duluth and Coleraine Labs

Aquatic ecologist’s career wades into streams and shorelines to understand freshwater resources

NRRI’s early research and testing help value-added materials take hold and take off.

NRRI research shows that local waste materials can effectively keep pollutants from water sources.

NRRI Sustainability Coordinator Tiffany Sprague shares four easy ways to reduce food waste at home, plus a bonus!

With a career embedded in Minnesota’s Iron Range industries, Paul Mack has a deep understanding of how iron ore gets to steel plants.

NRRI's Director of Research, Lucinda Johnson, appointed to U.S. co-chair position for the International Joint Commission.

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, NRRI Sustainability Coordinator shares 4 tips to show your love to Planet Earth.

New lab, new equipment, new research program welcomes new team member to NRRI

Go Big: NRRI has the expertise and capability to test processing equipment on varying resources.