Ulrich receives inaugural water award

Nov 1, 2022

Bridget Ulrich received the inaugural Deborah L. Swackhamer Early Career Award at the Minnesota Water Resources Conference on October 18.

The award honors the legacy of the longtime UMN professor and administrator, who was a leading voice in the nation at the intersection of science, policy and water resources.

"Deb Swackhamer was a longtime NRRI Advisory Board member, advisor and mentor," said Rolf Weberg, NRRI Executive Director. "It is especially poignant to have one of our scientists receive this inaugural award."

Bridget Ulrich headshot
Dr. Bridget Ulrich

Ulrich was drawn back to her native northern Minnesota after graduate and postdoctoral training in
Colorado and Switzerland to begin her career at the Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI) at UMD.

Ulrich is a trailblazer in finding new ways to protect Minnesota’s water resources. She is currently developing an Environmental Analytical Chemistry facility, that specializes in analysis of many of the contaminants that Swackhamer focused on, as well as other emerging contaminants that are highly relevant to Minnesota including PFAS "forever chemicals." Ulrich is also on the cutting edge of developing stormwater treatment technologies using filter materials derived from Minnesota waste resources, including biochar and iron mining byproducts.

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