Tiff's Tip #14 - Earth Day

Tiffany Sprague is NRRI's Sustainability Coordinator (among other roles), helping us all live out our best, sustainable lives at work and at home. This month's blog is an Ode to Mother Earth.

I got a lot of flack from my fans for not writing an April article last year to honor Earth Day (thanks, mom and dad). To avoid the familial humiliation this year, I’m going to push through this head cold, throat lozenge and tea at the ready, and hopefully offer Mother Nature some of the justice she deserves.

An Ode to the Earth

April 22, 1970:
Earth Day is born from creativity

By Senator Gaylord Nelson,

Hoping to get national attention.

Following in his legacy
The U.S. creates the Environmental Protection Agency.

Based on science, research and facts,

We get busy passing many acts.

Safe Drinking Water, Endangered Species, Clear Air - 

And many more in our pursuit of being fair.

Man in white shirt and tie sits on rock by a river.
Gaylord Nelson

Reflecting in 1980,
Senator Nelson passed along this malady:

Our very survival will depend

Upon our ability to preserve, protect and defend.

We are not free to decide about whether

Or not our environment matters.

What are you choosing to do on this day,
So Mother Nature and her creatures no longer pay,

For propping up the human race, 

Attempting to keep up with our pace?

Big or small,
You cannot do it all.

Identify a task,

A friend to join you, you might ask,

The more the merrier,

And bring along the neighbor’s terrier!

Doing good deeds for the Earth,
Will add to your sense of worth.

I look forward to hearing what you choose to do 

For Earth Day 2023, woo hoo!

See y’all in a jiff,