Executive Director Legislative Funding Update

Despite all the uncertainties as we entered 2021, NRRI continues to push forward in fulfilling our mission to Minnesota and the region.

While delivering versus our objectives, we have also onboarded new, cutting edge instrumentation and upgraded our facilities with significant assistance from the University of Minnesota.

I am pleased to report that NRRI was once again successful in attracting Legislative financial support. NRRI received a $750,000 appropriation for Minnesota water and mineral resources applied research:

  • $300,000 to demonstrate three sulfate reduction technologies
  • $450,000 for continued characterization of the Biwabik iron formation and development of new mineral process technologies and iron products

We also received an $840,000 appropriation for applied research in forestry and bioeconomy research and demonstration:

  • $500,000 to complete a state-wide forest optimization predictive tool
  • $340,000 to continue development and demonstration of value-added biomass-based products

These appropriations are funded via the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR).

Finally, in some final legislative action, the Higher Education budget provided an additional appropriation of $500,000 to support our applied research mission.

I would like to thank Representative Julie Sandstede and Senators David Tomassoni and Justin Eichorn for carrying these bills, and their many colleagues for their continued encouragement and support. I am also grateful for the active support of our NRRI Advisory Board.

Looking forward, NRRI is ready to get to work -- not only in driving these projects, but also in leveraging this funding to attract additional federal and other funding to multiply the impact of Minnesota’s taxpayer investment in our future. I look forward to reporting what we do next.

Until then, thank you for your interest and support.