NRRI Researcher 6 - Economic Geologist

Sep 22, 2021

This senior level research position is responsible for the genesis, planning, oversight, and execution of one or more complex research projects, many of which may span several years of investigation. The successful candidate must have significant industry expertise in the areas of Applied Geology / Economic Geology; a demonstrated record of successful research program creation and leadership with attraction of funding; a record of peer-reviewed publications, reports, presentations, and maps; an ability to both lead and contribute to ongoing collaborative research programs across the Institute; and excellent oral and written communication and interpersonal skills.

This position is open until filled.


The researcher will collaborate with NRRI senior leadership to direct research activities, personnel and resources as required to achieve institute strategic objectives. The position leverages Institute policies and procedures and applies project management skills in concert with their technical expertise to manage day-to- day research activities with minimal guidance.

  • Subject Matter Expert/Principal Researcher (60%)– As key contributor to the Institute research organization, this position is responsible for the creation and execution of original, integrated, multi- disciplinary research programs in Applied Geology/Economic Geology as applied to both ferrous and non-ferrous mineral resources and consistent with the strategic research objectives of the Institute. The researcher will apply their experience and expertise in ensuring and mentoring scientific rigor in literature review, experimental design, data collection & analysis, manuscript and report generation and overall responsibility for the achievement of research objectives (scope, time, budget). Strong project management, oral and written communication and collaboration skills will be critical in reaching these objectives. The incumbent is expected to participate in external professional activities such as reviewing proposals and manuscripts, serving on advisory committees, review panels, editorial boards, and the like, and remain current in their area of expertise and contribute as a technical expert to others across the Institute and University of Minnesota System.
  • Publications (15%)– The position is expected to generate peer-reviewed publications independently and collaboratively, internal reports, client reports, professional presentations, and outreach materials as appropriate to establish both personal and Institutional professional credibility. The researcher must exhibit strong oral and written communication skills, particularly applied and economic geology as related to mineral process engineering, chemical engineering, and extractive metallurgy fields of study.
  • Research Funding (15%) – The position is expected to actively pursue and attract research funding, from both internal and external sources via collaborative preparation of professional, competitive grant proposals leveraging expertise in Applied Geology/Economic Geology. Expectations are that this position will coordinate and collaborate as needed across the Institute as well as the University of Minnesota System within defined policies and procedures to ensure that project budget, schedule and scope fulfill granting agency requirements. In addition, the position will engage with external academic, government, and business clients to understand their challenges and propose scientifically based solutions for consideration and potential funding.
  • Operational Assistance (10%) – As an extension of the principal researcher role, the position is expected to contribute their expertise to minerals processing and research associated with industry service contract activities across the Institute. The researcher will review established operational policies and procedures related to Institute research activities. As a leader, this researcher will promote and model a robust safety and respectful work environment.


Required Qualifications:

  • PhD in geological sciences, economic geology, geochemistry, or related fields from an accredited college or university.
  • Minimum five years exploration/mining-related industry experience conducting statistical analysis of datasets utilizing statistical software.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of mineral resources and geological terranes similar to those that occur in Minnesota
  • Experience and proficiency conducting and managing geological field mapping, drill core logging, petrographic investigations (transmitted and/or reflected light), lithogeochemical investigations, mineral chemistry investigations, and/or geophysical investigations.
  • Work experience in geospatial analysis using geographic information systems (GIS), three-dimensional modeling software and lithogeochemical software.
  • Experience using lithogeochemical software such as IoGAS and/or IGPET.
  • A record of publishing peer-reviewed research papers/geological maps.
  • A record of successful grant proposals.
  • Demonstrated excellent written communication skills in writing, editing and organization of data.
  • Prior experience working in diverse teams, being able to collaborate respectfully with staff of various educational and cultural backgrounds and ability to appropriately navigate complex team dynamics.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • A general knowledge of sustainability/circular economy concepts associated with the mining / minerals industry.
  • A general knowledge of geophysical techniques and utilization/interpretation of geophysical data
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the specific mineral resources and geological attributes of Minnesota
  • Demonstrated expertise/proficiency in geospatial analysis using geographic information systems (GIS), three-dimensional modeling software and lithogeochemical software.
  • Excellent oral and written proficiency in the English language including preparation and delivery of professional public presentations.
  • Professional Licenses and/or Certifications • Experience recruiting, mentoring, and managing a diverse workforce.
  • Experience working with and in multidisciplinary teams.
  • Evidence of other professional activities including participation in external professional activities including manuscript reviews/ editorial duties, advisory committees, review panels, and other professional activities associated with the discipline.

To Apply

Please visit the UMN employment listing  and search for: 343551