David Burge Ph.D.

Profile David Burge
Professional Title
Phytoplankton Associate Scientist

Current research includes using paleolimnology to inform lake management, understand environmental change to lakes, describe morphological and molecular biodiversity of diatoms, and understand how environmental states can impact evolution. Dr. Burge has rounded professional experience working with the U.S. Geological Survey and the Science Museum of Minnesota on river, wetland, and lake ecological projects across the eastern United States.

Dr. Burge is a founding member of the Society for Freshwater Science's Diatom Taxonomic Certification Committee and he has made a large number of contributions to the Diatoms of North America website. Recently Dr. Burge co-authored with Justus et al. (2021) to characterize the algal seasonality of the Buffalo National River in Arkansas, and with Edlund et al. (2021) to describe a new diatom species from the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore in Wisconsin.


  • Ph.D - University of Minnesota 2021
  • MSc - Arkansas State University 2014
  • BS - University of Central Arkansas 2011