Amber J. Ulseth Ph.D.

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Aquatic Ecologist


Amber grew up in Minnesota, spending a significant amount of time on Lake Vermillion. Her educational background centered around ecology and aquatic ecosystems. Prior to joining NRRI, Amber was a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Vienna, a research scientist at EPFL in Switzerland, and an assistant professor at Sam Houston State University. 

The focus of Amber's research is on ecosystem ecology and biogeochemical cycling in freshwaters. Freshwater is one of society's most important resources; however, our sources of freshwater are threatened by a variety of anthropogenic activities from urbanization, eutrophication, and aquatic invasive species, which can all be confounded by climate change. In light of global change, it is key to understand how these stressors potentially alter ecosystem processes in order to predict and mitigate these threats to our freshwater ecosystems. Mainly, Amber's research focus is to understand how streams and rivers transform, store and export carbon and nutrients. Amber is interested in the interaction of abiotic forcing, such as changes in hydrology, and biotic drivers (from microorganisms to people) on biogeochemical cycling in fluvial freshwaters.


  • Ph.D. Ecology, University of Wyoming 
  • M.S. Biology, University of North Carolina Greensboro 
  • B.S. Biology, University of Minnesota Duluth

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