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Articles from the marketing and communications staff at NRRI. 

Wandering bird lover settles at NRRI’s Avian Ecology Lab to grow understanding of bird migration and habitat

MnDOT funding seeks to understand true number of incidents in Minnesota to save money, wildlife and human injuries.

NRRI tests durability of thermally modified balsam fir and Eastern hemlock to expand market opportunities.

GIS skills and biology background come together in data delivery role for Kristi Nixon.

Tiffany Sprague is NRRI’s Sustainability Coordinator, helping us all live out our best sustainable lives at home and at work.

Critical equipment acquired, DRI simulator moves forward to prepare Minnesota for iron resources of the future

University legislative funding request includes $10M to enhance research infrastructure at NRRI Duluth and Coleraine Labs

Aquatic ecologist’s career wades into streams and shorelines to understand freshwater resources

NRRI’s early research and testing help value-added materials take hold and take off.

NRRI research shows that local waste materials can effectively keep pollutants from water sources.