Susma Bhattarai Gautam Ph.D.

Professional Title
Postdoctoral Associate


I am an environmental engineer and microbiologist passionate about achieving environmental sustainability through the bioremediation of contaminated soil, sediments, and water. My current work at NRRI focuses on developing a sustainable method for removing nutrient and unwanted pollutants from wastewater. I have worked for the bioremediation of organochlorine compounds to remediate contaminated sediments. I am experienced in microbial enrichment in bioreactors and their mechanism exploration. I have investigated on an unique microbial process of anaerobic oxidation of methane coupled to sulfate reduction during my graduate studies, which contributed on the better understanding of the process and opened the door for possible application of the process in wastewater treatment. I have also worked in different countries with diverse setup and multiple fields including research and consulting firms. I am always interested in how microbial processes can play an important role in nature and engineered system such as water/waste treatment, nutrient removal, contaminant removal, biogeochemical cycles and have influence in our daily life. Therefore I am always excited to work in the field and willing to collaborate with other scientists and engineers.



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