Julie Johnson

Professional Title
Executive Account Specialist

Julie Johnson has been a part of the NRRI team for 35 years. She has collaborated with all NRRI research groups, spending a majority of her career working with the Materials and Bioeconomy, Forest and Land, and Energy Management groups. In the last few years Julie has been a facilities planner, recently seeing the completion of a renovation project which included a Mother's Room, Family Restroom and updated Men's and Women's Restrooms.

Julie handles space allocation requests for new employees or employees reassigned throughout the building. She is an active member of the NRRI Safety Team and manager of the safety evacuation plan. Julie assists as building manager backup as needed and works with our Financial Team on NRRI Duluth external sales invoicing and tracking and forecasting budgetary recommendations for building upgrades. She also assists in the NRRI archiving process.


Completed accounting and psychology courses at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Completed an array of courses/seminars as they relate to work assignments.