FY2021 By the Numbers

Here are some key metrics from the past year at NRRI.

9 Estimated average number of Zoom meetings per week per person
198 Virtual Conferences & Workshops
45 Public Service, Committees
9 MnDRIVE Travel Grants Awarded

Cross-platform research projects funded by the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR):

  • Emerald Ash Borer and Black Ash: Maintaining Forests and Benefits; $700,000 
  • Testing Effectiveness of Aquatic Invasive Species Removal Methods; $110,000 
  • Bobcat and Fisher Habitat Use and Interactions;  $400,000 
  • Conserving Black Terns and Forster's Terns in Minnesota; $198,000
  • Lignin-Coated Fertilizers for Phosphate Control;  $250,000 

2021 Legislative LCCMR Appropriations:

  • Minerals and Water: Demonstration of Three Sulfate Reduction Technology Applications;$300,000; Next-Generation Technologies and New Iron Products;  $450,000.
  • Forest & Bioeconomy: Expansion of Forest Optimization Tool $500,000; Development of Biochar Capability $380,000.

2021 Legislative Appropriation 

One-time Drop from Higher Education Budget: $500,000 for infrastructure and research support.